Full Circle Farm - "A school district's Farm"

Full Circle Farm is an 11-acre organic, educational farm that puts fresh food in Santa Clara Unified School District cafeterias while helping local youth experience success while they develop job and life skills through the growing, harvesting and marketing of fruit & vegetable crops. Learn more at http://www.fullcirclesunnyvale.org/

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Allison Shea said...

This brings tears to my eyes! I am 27 years old and attended Peterson Middle School for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. They didn't have anything like this when I was there, it was a very traditional school. It is wonderful to see the school broadening their horizons and doing what is best for their students. I am now a classroom teacher working toward my masters at the UW and just completed a certificate in ecology, community, and outdoor education. Gardening and education play a vital role in a students ability to make healthy choices for themselves and for their planet. I can't say it enough... this is wonderful! I have also started a blog for teachers who are just beginning to take their students outside, who want to start a garden or compost system and integrate getting into the dirt into their curriculum. Please visit and lets keep this conversation alive! www.allyshea.wordpress.org