Worm Composting

Learn to compost with worms. Video goes over selecting a container, starting a worm bin, caring and troubleshooting.

Worm Composting Basics http://www.compostsantacruzcounty.org/Home_Composting/Worm_Composting/index.htm

The Worm Guide: Vermicomposting Guide for Teachers http://www.ciwmb.ca.gov/schools/Curriculum/Worms/default.htm

Additional Worm Composting Links http://www.ciwmb.ca.gov/schools/Links/Garden.htm



Life Lab's 30th Birthday

Life Lab turned 30th and we celebrated with a garden party for the community. Check out our cake that was so big that it didn't fit through the door and how the Banana Slug String Band rocked the garden tunes. Learn more about our birthday events throughout the year.


Center St. School Garden in LA

Center Street School's new garden


Project Food Lab

They really have something great going at Pacific Elementary School in Davenport, CA. Since 1984 the Food Lab Program, in cooperation with the school's Life Lab Garden Program, has been cooking the school lunch for students and staff!