"Back Pocket" Garden Activities

Back Pocket Garden Activities (View all ten activities from this player, click the arrows)
The following videos demonstrate what we, here at Life Lab, refer to as "back pocket activities." These are all quick, easy, and highly engaging activities that require minimal preparation. We suggest always having one or more of these activities ready to go (or "in your back pocket") in case your lesson ends a few minutes early, or you have a few kids to keep occupied while the others are finishing a task. From searching for the colors of the rainbow to making jewelry from flowers, the activities featured in these videos can be done again and again, with kids seeing and learning new things each time they do them.


"Food, What?!" Youth Program

Eco Company TV created this video on Life Lab's Spring Afterschool Internship. It aired across the nation on over 100 TV stations. Check out more at Eco Company http://www.eco-company.tv/tvshow/episode-102-organic-growing
More on "Food,What?!"


Creating and Sustaining Your School Garden

The Creating and Sustaining Your School Garden (CSYSG) Video Series is a part of the CSYSG Training Model. This workshop has been given to over a thousand educators in California and it includes the California School Garden Network's book Gardens for Learning, participant handouts, and trainer outlines.

These resources can used for those training others on starting school gardens or by those wanting to learn basic garden skills.

View the video and training materials here: http://www.csgn.org/csysgvideo.php


Urban Sprouts Cooking Collard Wontons

Urban Sprouts in action preparing freshly harvested collards into delicious, simple, gourmet snacks!